In the early 90s, there was a childhood twin who lived in a new village of Kuala Lumpur outbound. Throughout their youth, they have been blessed to be able to ride on challenges that came upon them. When they first joined the employment world; they were with the industrial services and supplies. Throughout their early employment, they have found out the importance ‘To provide the best support and services’ is the key to build their career without compromising others stakes. They even sum it up by Solving Others Problems Will Have No Problem; which became the root of their success story.

Due to some adverse events, the twin was made to be on their own. They took it positively. They ventured to the world of entrepreneurship and committed their future for industrial solution.

This is the beginning of their stories

Given the diversity in industrial services and supplies; rather than be the master of all, they decided to be the ace in industrial hoses. Like all entrepreneurs’ venture, theirs are no different. It was full of challenges.The most remembered is their pioneering major project, which was also the most difficult. Insufficient fund was dealt by assistance from family and friend. Market deficiency was unraveled by sincere and extra endeavor to serve. Lack of administration knowledge was solved by trial and error. Shortage of operation efficiency was answered by exponential effort to compliment. Challenges were confronted by the greatest solution for the twin, ‘Sisterhood’.

And the rest became the history for the multi-million dollar corporation, FLT Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Throughout the journey of growing FLT, the Twin were groomed by adversities and privileges experienced. After successfully riding the waves of a few recessions through the belief of Mutual Growth is the Only Sustainable Growth, currently FLT are more than excited to enjoy the journey towards Industrial 4.0

The FLT Twin is looking forward to write the new chapter in their journey. Looking forward to have a chance to share the journey soon.


Hi, I am Jess Lau from FLT. I am happy to greet you on behalf of my partner, Wanda Lee.

Industrial Solutions; services and supplies in South East Asia have been a niche for far too long. The Keiretsu form of industry environment that has been running in an oligopoly nature. While, it is not a bad situation; it has its fair share of up and down. Overall it has been progressively upward shifting. Yet, the Industrial 4.0 has definitely indicated another junction that would possibly determine the upcoming good and bad for industrial market. It is important for everyone to progress and look at it as an opportunity.

Since our humble beginning in 1999, FLT has been fortunate enough to enjoy an overall progressive growth. This got to owe it to the gang in FLT family. Our achievement till today is backed by our belief of providing ‘Reliable Solutions for All’. Now, Industrial 4.0 has provided us a new platform to improve our services, as well as chanced us for a new frontier to grow.

FLT is looking forwards to embrace the challenges ahead to commit our Reliable Service for All.

Let’s work together for Silver-lining awaiting ahead!


In FLT, we fully understood that every business is unique and each solution requested is special in its own right. We also believe in solving our business partner’s problem will result in no problem. FLT is committed to provide HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED solutions by the best RELIABLE & ACCOUNTABLE practices. FLT is proud to be part of our business partners’ success stories.


We are proud to have succeeded in becoming a One-Stop-Solutions Provider for flexible hoses.
In FLT, we are committed to be a RELIABLE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER for the industry. Be it supplies, services, or just a consultation advices; we are ready to assist. Any nature of support in need; urgent, distinctive, exceptional scale or size can be CUSTOMIZED for best result.
Efficiency and effectiveness of our business partners is responsible by our EXPERIENCED technical team.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiry!